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A list of German and international articles on "socioinformatics", a new study that I helped to organize and that starts in the winter term of 2013:

A list of German and international articles/blogs/podcasts on our social network study (cooperation with Prof. Fred Hamprecht, Emőke-Ágnes Horvát, and Michael Hanselmann)

Press about our work on finding statistically significant co-regulated proteins A list of press releases on our article on the analysis of the full human miRNome (in cooperation with S. Uhlmann et al.)

  1. The article was featured on and accompanied by a 'news and views' article by Marcos Malumbres
  2. Press release of the Heidelberg university
  3. Nationales Genomforschungsnetzwerk

Human navigation Press/media coverage on our article A network analysis approach to the Human wayfinding problem (in cooperation with Sudarshan Iyengar, Abhiram Nataraja and C. E. Veni Madhavan)

  1. RNZ (local newspaper)
  2. Psychologie aktuell
  3. Article in the journal of the Heidelberg university
  4. Press release of the Heidelberg university

Our Star for Baku We did a small study in our leisure time on the voting mechanism in a casting show, where the German participant for the 'Eurovision Song Contest' was to be chosen. You can find our study here.

Marsilius-Kolleg Here you can find an article about the Marsiliuskolleg at the Heidelberg university which features our project group on network analysis

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